Photo Review of the Champions and Special Awards 
 presented at this year's banquet November  10, 2018 

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125cc Junior Class 
  Left to Right: Jonathan Dougherty 5th, Hadyn Mulherin 4th, Devon Dvorak 3rd, Olivia Haworth 2nd 
Sarah Napora - Champion 

250cc Sportsman Class 
(Left to Right) Ed Mort 5th, Jacob Byron 4th (N/A) Johnny Trendler 3rd, Andrew Locuson 2nd 
Shea Wills - Champion

600cc Class 
Left to Right: Tyler Tank 5th, Kyle Melvin 4th ( N/A) Lavar Scott 3rd, Gary Bozowski 2nd 
Wayne Scott - Champion 

270cc Class 
Left to Right: George Summers 5th, Dale Wagner 4th, Thomas Rinck 3rd, AJ Chvostal 2nd 
Christopher Locuson - Champion 
 Rookie of the Year 
Left to Right: 
 Shea Wills - 250 Sportsman, Olivia Haworth - 125cc Junior, Thomas Rinck - 270 Open 
Most Improved 
Left to Right: 
 Ed Mort - 250 Sportsman, Jonathan Dougherty - 125cc Junior, Lavar Scott - 600cc, AJ Chvostal 270 Open 

Photographer Award

Class Champions