Photo Review of the Champions and Special Awards 
 presented at this year's banquet November  10, 2018 

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Class Champions

Jimmy Glenn 600cc, Cameron Bellinger 250 & 270, Olivia Haworth 12cc


125cc Junior Class 
  Olivia Haworth - Champion
Left to Right: Hadyn Mulherin 2nd, Paige Hornberger 3rd  

250cc Sportsman Class 
Cameron Bellinger - Champion
(Left to Right) Andrew (aka Chris) Locuson 2nd, Ava Bellinger 3rd,  Matt Andrews 5th
Liam (Hadyn) Mulherin 8th, Devon Dvorak 9th   

600cc Class 
Jimmy Glenn - Champion
Left to Right: Chris Fenimore 2nd, Lavar Scott 3rd, Nate Smith 4th, Robert Miles 5th 
Wayne Scott 6th, Amanda Onimus 7th, Tyler Tank 9th  

270cc Open Class 
Left to Right: Cameron Bellinger - Champion 
 Tommy Rinck 2nd, Chris Locuson 3rd, Dale Wagner 5th 
Jonathan John 6th, Connor Sheffield 7th, Ron Ford 8th  
 Rookie of the Year 
 Paige Hornberger - 125cc Junior 
Rookie of the Year 
 Connor Sheffield - 270 Open 
Most Improved 
Left to Right: 
  600cc - Robert Miles.  Tommy Rinck - 270 Open,  125cc Junior - Hadyn Mulherin  

  President Award 
 Paul Walker