Photo Review of the Champions and Special Awards 
 presented at this year's banquet November  12, 2016 

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125cc Class 
Left to Right: Brandon Shipley - Champion
 2nd Buddy Schweibinz, 3rd Johnny Trendler, 4th Devin Porch 5th Holden Eckman 

250cc Sportsman Class 
Left to Right: Lee Reinhardt - Champion
 2nd Keith Holiday, 3rd Robert Simmerman, 4th Robert Miles, 5th Trey Jeffords 

600cc Class 
Left to Right: Sam Locuson III - Champion
 2nd Carl Locuson, 3rd Andrew Richmond, 4th Wayne Scott, 
 5th Mark Landwher n/a 

270cc Class 
Left to Right: Lee Reinhardt - Champion
 2nd Jonathan John, 3rd Anthony Chvostal 4th Donald Bouchelle, 5th James Cubbage
 Rookie of the Year 
Left to Right: 
 600cc Chris Fenimore, 270 Kristen Landwher,125cc Devin Porch 
Most Improved
 Left to Right: 
270 Anthony Chvostal, 125cc Buddy Schweibinz, 600cc Mark Landwher n/a
Fast Times
 Left to Right: 
125cc Buddy Schweibinz, 250 Lee Reinhardt, 270 Andrew Locuson, 600cc Sam Locuson III
Sportman of the Year
 Keith Holiday 
Car Owners
Patrick Milligan, S&D Racing
Henry Fenimore Award
Jeff Tank
Notable Patrons
Outstanding Achiever
President Recognitions


Track Workers Appreciation 

Volunteers Appreciation