S. Douglas Labant, Jon Holmquist, Jr. and Steven R. Wyatt (L-R, left photo) inducted in 1997.
    James Borthwick was inducted posthumously also in 1997. Robert F. Dale (center photo),
    was inducted December 5, 1998. JR Culler (right photo) was inducted November 27, 1999.
            John Outten                                       From left: Dave Betts, Jr., Angelo Mercado 
    Inducted November 25, 2000                                              Ralph Parks, II,  Jack Spence                                                                        
                                                                                        Inducted December 7, 2002
                      Ken Andreas                                                                    Alex Swift
              Inducted January 12, 2013                                                   Inducted November 16, 2013                                            


M. Michael Andrews
Sharon L. Baker
Albert H. Barthelmeh, Sr. (deceased - 2014)
George Bennett (deceased -1989)
William Bennett (deceased -1995)
M.E. "Butch" Biesecker
Michael J. Bold (deceased - 2000)
James Borthwick (deceased -1984)
David L. Brown
Edward J. Callahan, Jr.
Thomas P. Callahan
Nelson Carey, Jr.
Walter T. Chernokal (deceased - 2004)
Willard D. Commerford (deceased - 2004)
Allen E. Cox (deceased - 2011)
Clarence Culler Jr (deceased - 2016)
Robert F. Dale (deceased - 2004)
Kevin L. Denneny
Gary A. Dunwell
Thomas Edwards
Kenneth E. Eldreth, Sr.
Henry Fenimore
John J. Grasso, Sr
William Henry, Jr. (deceased -1993)
Jon R. Holmquist, Jr.
Donald B. Jacobs
Paul L. "Toby" Johnson (deceased - 2000)
Betty Johnston
James Johnston
Richard Keller Jr.
Cynthia C. Labant
S. Douglas Labant
Carl J. Lehman (deceased -1999)
Ralph E. Littlefield (deceased - 2010)
Angelo N. Mercado
Dawn Mercado
John M. Outten
Ralph Parks
Ralph Parks, II
Debora L. Pilli
Louis Pilli
Roy H. Poole, Jr.
David K. Rineer
Lewis Schwander
Barbara A. Sparks
Preston C. Sparks
Harvey Stephenson
Sandra Stumpf-Rineer
Donn L. Trego
Jeannie Trego
Earl Van den Heuvel (deceased -1998)
Edward S. Wyatt
Margaret Yowell (deceased - 2003)
William J. Yowell, Sr.
Kurt Zippe (deceased -1983)