WELCOME TO MICRO SPRINT RACING IN NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE - FEATURING 125cc Junior, 250 Sportsman, 270 Open, 600cc Wingless, Gates Open @ 3pm     

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September 22. 2018 Members Memorial Point Race 15 Results

600cc Wingless Feature Finish

1. Wayne Scott, 2. Jimmy Glenn, 3. Richie Mellor, 4. Lavar Scott, 5. Kyle Melvin, 6. Whitey Kidd III, 7. Tyler Tank, 8. Wayne Scott Jr, 9. Rebecca LaMothe 10. Phil Meisner, 11. Jack Conover, 12. Don Hess, Carl Locuson, 14. Christopher Fenimore, 15. Amanda Onimus, 16. Holden Eckman, 17. Tyler Bowman, 18. Nathan Smith, 19. Gary Bozowski, 20. Donald Bouchelle, DNQ Buddy Hines, Chris McCauley, Robert Miles, Matthew Pfahler, Heather Harris

Wayne Scott

600cc Wingless Feature Winner

270cc Open Feature Finish

1. Christopher Locuson, 2. Anthony Chvostal, 3. James Cubbage, 4. Charles Chance, 5. Jonathan John, 6. Robert Miles, 7. Dale Wagner, 8. Thomas Rinck, 9. Corey Waegel, 10. Deana Cogdill, 11. Jacob Byron, 12. George Summers, 13. Lavar Scott, 14. Cameron Bellinger. DQ: Billy Gray

Christopher Locuson

270cc Open Feature Winner

Jr. 125cc Feature Finish

1. Olivia Haworth, 2. Sarah Napora, 3. Jonathan Dougherty, 4. Devin Dvorak, 5. Dominic Pomponi, 6. Hadyn Mulherin.  DNS: Robert Pierce

Olivia Haworth

Jr. 125cc Feature Winner

250cc Sportsman Feature Finish

1. Andrew Locuson, 2. Johnny Trendler, 3. Shea Wills, 4. Ava Bellinger, 5. Jacob Byron, 6. Tyler Tank, 7. Jonathan John, 8. Patrick Kern, 9. Eddy Mort, 10. Robert Simmerman, 11. Ronald Ford, 12. Matt Andrews, 13.  Liam Mulherin, 14. Daniel Visalli.   DQ: Alex Funari

Andrew Locuson

250cc Sportsman Feature Winner

Photos courtesy of Eric Storch Photography

Upcoming Events


29 Open Show - Wings & Things - Pumpkin Race & Kids Trick or Treating - First Responder Night

All classes will be winged and our things will be the 600 mini late models.

This will be a regular show with entry fees, start times and payouts the same as a regular race night.

Some important notes:

600cc Class will also be winged.

125cc Class will have an open age, 250 4 strokes will be able to run with the 125cc Class.

Costume contest for kids ages up to 12, Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places, plus trick or treating through the pits.  

Reminder for Drivers: bring plenty of candy for kids who will be trick or treating through the pits

First Responder Night

All First Responders will be given Free Grandstand admission with VALID ID. Emergency vehicles will do parade laps during the National Anthem. During Intermission, the First Responders will have a vehicle extrication demolition.  


3 Open Show - 600cc Wingless - Battle at the Bullring - 100 Laps 

Drivers - Please remember to bring your charged Transponders & Raceivers (channel 000)

October 10, 2018 BMMRC Club Meeting and Elections Flying J (Denny's) Carneys Point, NJ @ 7:30 PM

Section 4. One half (½) of the Board of Directors will be elected each year to serve a two year term. If it is necessary to fill a vacancy during the year, the person receiving the next highest number of votes in the previous October elections will complete the full term of the individual they replace. (Also see Page 4, Section 6) All other Officers and elected positions will be for a period of one year or until their successors are elected.

Section 6. Voting. Ballots will be distributed at the October general membership meeting to each individual upon verification of currently active membership. Offices may be voted on separately or combined. Where an individual has been nominated for 2 or more offices, the highest ranking office will be voted on and counted first. The candidate nominated for multiple offices will then have his/her name removed from or left on the ballot for the next position based on the count of the previous vote. The Nominating Committee will count the votes in the presence of the general membership. In the event that an office or offices must be voted on separately, the order shall be: President, Vice-President, and any other elected office and then the Board of Directors.

Absentee ballots will be accepted from those who have stated a reasonable request for one, in writing, from the Club Secretary prior to the election meeting. Reasonable request may include serious illness, work schedule, death in family, travel schedule, etc. No absentee ballots may be requested by/for anyone at the October meeting.

A blank space will be provided for each elective office on the ballot for write in votes.

Nominees are:

President:  (Vote for 1)

Robert Miles

Vice President:  (Vote for 1)

Ron Ford

Board of Directors: (Vote for 3)

Matthew Andrews

Michael Andrews

William Drill

Andrew Locuson

Christopher Locuson

Samuel Locuson III

Lee Reinhardt

Wayne Scott Sr.

November 10, 2018 Awards Banquet

Hockessin Memorial Hall 1225 Old Lancaster Pike Hockessin DE

6:00 PM - Doors Open & Appetizers

6:30 PM - Dinner

7:30 PM - Awards Ceremony

8:30 PM - Dance Floor Open  

Tickets - per person - $40.00 

Each ticket price includes, appetizers, dinner, coffee, tea or soda . 

To purchase tickets or to reserve a table (must be at least 8 or 10 max) contact: Sandy Stumpf-Rineer (717) 786-3946 or mail request/check with a return self addressed stamped envelope to: Sandy Stumpf-Rineer 598 Cinder Rd. New Providence, PA

Chinese Auction

At the Awards Banquet there will be a Chinese Auction, Tickets will be on sale at the Banquet to be placed in containers of your choosing for chances to win items. Everyone is asked to bring an item to be placed on the Auction table.  It does not have to be race related either. If you would like to give an item but will not be able to attend, feel free to bring it to a club meeting or give it someone that will attend. Thank you!! 

You must purchase a ticket and attend the banquet to receive any awards. 

Push Vehicle Fee

Anyone with a push vehicle at the Speedway must pay a fee of $25.00 yearly.  A sticker will be 

placed on the push vehicle as proof of being registered.  See any Sandy at Sign in booth or Safety inspector at the track to fill the

form out and receive the sticker. Must be at least 16 years old to drive them in the pits.

T-Shirts Sponsorships

Racers Auxiliary is in the process of ordering new t-shirts. As in the past they are selling spots on the back of the t-shirts.

Business card spot for the t-shirts is $100.00

Racing team/Individual 2 lines spot is $50.00

Anyone that would like more info or to put their business or racing team name on the back of the t-shirt, please contact Jeff Tank at the track or phone (302) 420–2842.

A Special Thank You to the following Businesses for their contributions and support of 2018 Airport Speedway Race Season.

Betts Garage

Cassidy Painting

Christiana Excavating  

Highland Construction

Holland Mulch  

Iron Hill Fencing

Power Tech

Scott’s Auto 

Tire Sales & Service

Membership Application Form

Memberships will be taken starting January 1st. Just click on the MEMBERSHIP button at the left and 
follow instructions. You will be able to fill out the form on your computer and print it out.
You will, however, still need to sign the form and send it to the Club P.O. Box along
with your check. 

Any membership renewal or fee not paid by April 15th will be charged an additional $5.00 late fee.

If you are under the age of 18, you must send in a copy of your birth certificate or 
driver's license as proof of age. This is a BMMRC requirement per the BMMRC By-Laws Racing Rules and Regulations.
Reminder to Individual Lifetime Members: If you are planning on being a driver, you must pay the drivers upgrade fee of $10.00.
Car Registration Fee
Payable with annual dues.  This fee is for Club car registration and must be paid by each Club member registering a car. 

All registered cars must have been inspected and competed or attempted to compete in at least three (3) point races during the registration year in order to retain its registered Club number for the following year.

All car number re-registrations must be completed before April 1st to assure retention of a previously registered 
car number.  
Pit Spots
Pit spots will be taken starting January 1st. A car owner/driver may prepay the yearly pit space fee in order to 
maintain the same pit space from year to year.  The assigned car must have been signed in to at least 50% 
of the scheduled previous year's races and have fee paid prior to April 1st. Questions or availability contact Barbara Sparks
If you are a visiting driver planning on racing at Airport Speedway this season, you must fill out the form for the 1099-Misc.
These are for cars not registered with B.M.M.R.C .  All drivers are to use the visiting driver form if you are not the car owner, 
drivers that have a ride with a car owner use the 1099 Car Owner form ALSO.  Please complete the on-line form and print it out, 
then take the form to the Sign-in window the first time you plan on racing. 
If you are under the age of 18, you must bring a copy of your birth certificate or drivers license as proof of age.  This is a
BMMRC requirement per the BMMRC By-Laws Racing Rules and Regulations.

2018 Rule Change Highlights

Article VII Section 3 Page 7

Changed to: 

Except for safety, all rules adopted, approved by the Board of Directors will be printed in this document.

Article VII Section 3 Page 7


Section 4. The Board of Directors may change a prior written Racing Rule that has been deemed detrimental to the organization, given reasonable notice. Reasonable notice will be defined as the proposed rule change must be read at two consecutive Board of Directors monthly meetings.

Section One Item 2 Page 8

Change to: 

Drivers of a micro midget must be at least 10 years of age. Those drivers’ ages 10 turning 14 with no driving experience will be in the Junior 125cc class.  

Ages 12 thru 13 turning 14 with 2 years Junior 125cc driving experience may move up into 250 Sportsman or 270 Open classes.

Ages 14 -15 with 2 full race seasons may move up to 600cc wingless class.

Section One Item 3 Page 8


No one under age 10 will be allowed in the pit area.

Section Two Item 6 Page 10

Change to:

250 Sportsman, 250/270 Open, 600 Wingless, there shall be a minimum of 4 cars in any race. 125cc Junior, there shall be a minimum of 2 cars in a race. A maximum of 10 cars in Heat Races.

Section Nine Table C Page 27

Change 600cc Wingless Weight To:

4-Stroke Wingless 775 lbs

Section Twelve Page 31

Change to:

1)    Terms and conditions

a)    If a change or modification to the stock engine or its parts is not included in these rules then the modification is considered legal.

b)    The word “Stock” means unmodified factory original parts or components.

2)    Overall Engine

a)    No limited production race motors allowed. Must be a production motorcycle engine, 4 cylinders, 4 stroke

b)    No titanium anywhere in or on the engine, unless it comes stock form manufacturer of engine on the production bike or used as bolts in aftermarket rods.

c)    Must have engine, clutch, and transmission all in one unit

d)    Must be Chain Drive

3)    Bore and stroke

a)    600cc Maximum displacement for an engine model that was new in 2006 or newer. Older engines maximum displacement is 637cc. Engine model is defined as a manufacturer redesign of overall engine. See Specification list.

b)    No strokers or de-stroked engines

4)    Head and cams

a)    NO PORTING or deporting of intake or exhaust runners.

i)     Valve jobs, valve grinding, valve seating, valve seal modification and valve seat cutting are allowed.

ii)    Valve seat inserts may be reworked or replaced with any seat of original dimensions.  Any dimensional thickness of the stock inserts may not be increased.  Valve seats can be ground with multiple angles.  Blending of the valve seat into the head is permitted but cannot extend more than ¼” into the aluminum head measured from where the seat meets the head.

b)    OEM Head only.

c)    Cam may not have a higher lift than the stock factory cam. (duration is open)

d)    Valves cannot be larger in diameter than factory stock valves.

5)    Bottom End

a)    No machining to remove weight from the crank (balancing of crank is ok) (no after-market cranks) (no lightweight cranks) No polishing or coatings of any kind

b)    No aluminum connecting rods.

c)    No dry sump systems are allowed unless it comes from the motorcycle manufacturer as original equipment.

6)    Clutch/Transmission

a)    No removal of clutch.

b)    Clutch must remain operational

c)    No modification to the stock transmission gears, no close-ratio gears or nonstandard gear-ratios. All gears must remain in transmission, no removing any gears. No polishing or coatings of any kind

7)    Ignition

a)    No aftermarket ECU’s, stock appearing ECU only. ECU must be a production ECU that was originally supplied by the same manufacturer as the engine. Racing ECU’s may be used, as long as they were originally supplied by the same manufacturer as the engine. Ex: Honda motorcycle engines must run ECU’s that were supplied by Honda on their motorcycle engines.  Re-flashing of ECU and factory race ECU’s are allowed. Rev limit for all 600cc (nothing larger than 600cc) engines is 16,100 rpms. Rev limit for all 636cc engines is 14, 800 rpms. U6SA specified Rev Limit must remain intact at all times (no switched or gear specific limiters). If a computer is hooked up to check the ECU it must be set to U6SA specified rpm’s, no tolerance. See specifications list for RPM limits.

b)    All cars must have the PA standard connector for the track to check engine rpm rev limit. These are available from the chassis manufactures and engine builders, and at the track. All cars must leave intact the rpm wire coming from the ECU.

c)    No aftermarket coils

d)    No gear position sensor may be used. The sensor may be in place on the engine, but cannot have any wires connected to it.  Gear position wire from ECU may not be switchable.

e)    No traction control device.

f)     No more than one ECU box present in or on car.

g)    A 100 rpm over rev tolerance for the purpose of tech inspection is acceptable. (Note: this does not mean you can turn up the rpms in any ECU by any amount)

h)   Switchable wires for changing ignition maps, fuel maps, or rev limits must be contained and secured in the wiring harness. (the wires must be taped up, not visible, and unable to be switched in any way)

8)    Air Induction system

a)    No mechanically forced induction (turbo charging, supercharging)

b)    Any carburetors may be used on any engine, regardless of year of engine.

i)     Note: Switching to carburetors on engines that came with fuel injection usually increases the rev limiter due to the removal of the injectors as the ECU cuts fuel to limit rpm’s before it cuts the ignition. A re-flash of the ECU will be required if using carburetors in order to comply with the rev limit rule 7. a)

c)    If the engine did not come from the factory with fuel injection, fuel injection may not be used.

9)    Exhaust

a)    A muffler must be used with the exhaust system that will keep noise levels within individual track limits.

10) Charging system

a)    No removing the charging system, it must remain in complete working order, no factory racing charging systems.

11) Self-Starting

a)    The engine must self-start at the beginning of the event. If it does not self-start, the car may be pushed off and must start at the rear of the event as the penalty.

12) Fuel

a)    No fuels other than alcohol, gasoline, and/or top lube. Nonflammable top lube only, no exotic fuel additives, no oxidizers, no fuel enhancer top lube.

b)    Fuel tanks must contain a bladder. A fuel tank with a bladder is further defined as a plastic outer shell with a rubber inner container.

13) Minimum weight

Minimum weight at all times is 775 pounds wingless, car and driver. If weight is added it must be firmly bolted in place.

Rained Out

Airport Speedway uses RainedOut and delivers alerts when needed directly to your mobile phone as SMS text messages or email.  If you would like to be notified by SMS or email on events or cancellations, click Rained Out and follow the instructions to sign up.

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