WELCOME TO MICRO SPRINT RACING IN NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE - FEATURING 125cc Junior, 250 Sportsman, 270 Open, 600cc Wingless,    

Airport Speedway May 8, 2021 Race Results
125cc Junior Feature Finish
1. Will Koontz, 2. Kyra Pierce, 3. Braeden Locascio, 4. Haelee Nardelli, 5. Austin Miller, 6. Jaxon Purse, 7. Dominic Foster,
8. Quinn Llewellyn, DNS Brian Matheus

250 Sportsman Feature Finish
1. Chris Locuson, 2. Ava Bellinger, 3. Matt Andrews, 4. Cameron Bellinger, 5. Hayden Mulherin, 6. Daniel Visalli, 7. Blake Esham
8. Callie Savaren, 9. Matt Powell, 10. Billy Gray, 11. Hope Karlesses, 12. Lacey Pfahler, 13. Dominic Pomponi,14. Danny Wright

600cc Wingless Feature Finish
1. Richie Keller III, 2. Wayne Scott, 3. PJ Williams, 4. Dave Carlberg, 5. Patrick Chilmonik, 6. Jon Keller, 7. Cameron Bellinger, 
8. Robert Pierce, 9. Brenden Hires, 10. Kyle Melvin, 11. Devon Dvorak, 12. Rich Deck, 13. Tyler Tank, 14. Robert Miles, 15. Rich Mellor,
16. Dustin Tyler, 17. Olivia Haworth, 18. Jason Rush, 19. Alex Funari, 20. Brian Hughes, 21. Frank Holmes, 22. Nate Smith, 
23. Chris Fenimore

270 Open Feature Finish
1. Andrew Locuson,  2. Billy Gray, 3. Charles Chance III, 4. Donald Bouchelle, DNS Liam Mulherin, Jonathan John, DQ George Nardelli

2021 Upcoming Events
Sat 15 Point Race - Cassidy Painting Spotlight 125cc Junior Spotlight Twin “15” Laps 
Wed 19 Open Practice - 6-9pm
Sat 22 Point Race - Military Appreciation Night

For Immediate Release From Safety Inspection Team - Driver's helmet rating has been changed and must be a SA 2015 or higher rating.

Special Events added to 2021 Race Schedule

We hope you are all hard at work getting your race cars ready for this season as we have BIG things planned.
6 weeks until our first practice & rookie school. You do not want to miss it as you're going to need your cars dialed in for opening night especially if you are running wingless 600s.
The 600 division will see their first of TWO Cassidy Painting Spotlight races on opening night Saturday April 10th. It will be a special 50 lap guaranteed $500 to win race ??
This year we will be running twin 15 lap features for the remaining four Cassidy Painting Spotlight Races.
Youngsters in the 125 class will run on Saturday May 15th. Followed by 270 open division on Saturday, June 5th.
Saturday, July 24th will be 250 Sportsman and on Saturday, August 14th 600s will run their second Spotlight race.
We want to thank Cassidy Painting for their support each and every race season. And we look forward to putting an extra twist on this season's Spotlight races.

T-Shirt Sponsorships

T-shirts were a big hit last year -  the Racers Auxiliary is in the process of ordering new t-shirts. We are selling spots on the back of the shirts - Business spot is $100.00, also available is Team/individual spots - 2 lines $50.00 each. Anyone that would like to put their business or race team on the back of shirts download the form here 

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Our 2021 Race Schedule has been released; click here to download/print your copy

Our 2021 racing season will get underway with rookie school and practice starting March 20th with the first race on April 10th. We have 20 point races scheduled along with a few “open shows”. We are excited to announce August 7th we will host our 2nd annual 270 Summer Showdown which was a huge hit last year and are planning to make it even better. With that being said the Mason Dixon Series will make their return to the bullring this weekend after five years.

We have Mini Late models again this year and our yearly Borthwick and Members Memorial races. Also, Airport Speedway has decided to extend their season with a few open shows into the month of October if the dates are not conflicting with nearby races.

We then close out the season with the highly anticipated 600 wingless 100 Lap Battle at the Bullring on November 7th. Our biggest race of the year. Which continues to get bigger and better year after year.

We are looking for anyone who would like to join the racers auxiliary. The racers auxiliary plans and hosts the extra events held throughout the season including the Halloween race, back to school night, etc. If you would like to join please comment below or send a message.

Also, if you or anyone you know would like to come on board to sponsor the 270 Summer Showdown, the Battle at the bullring, and/or any regular race nights; please send us a private message and we will get you sponsor forms.

2021 BMMRC By Laws Rules and Regulations is now available
For your copy to print - please click the Rulebook button to the left.
2021 BMMRC Rule Changes
Article III Section 3 Page 3
C. Work Detail Fee -
Change wording to - fee of $100.00 
Section 4 Rule I Page 12
Delete Wording - 
A maximum of (20) twenty cars will start the 600cc Feature event
Section 5 Rule Item 14 Page 17
Change wording to - 
All features re-starts after the first completed and recorded green flag lap, will be lined up by the flagman’s signal, and will be double file
until 5 laps to go, once there is 5 laps to go, a passing cone will be used with single file line up.
Section Eleven Rule Item 1a. Page 30
Add wording -
1999 to current year, any other manufacturer of 250 2 stroke.  

Membership Process
Memberships will be taken starting January 2021.  Just click on the MEMBERSHIP button
at the left and follow instruction to fill in online and print it our. You will, however, still need to sign the form .
If you are under the age of 18, you must send in a copy of your birth certificate of drivers license as proof of age.  This is a BMMRC 
requirement per the BMMRC By-Laws Racing Rules and Regulations.
Reminder to Individual Lifetime Members: If you are planning on being a driver, you must pay the driver upgrade fee of $10.00
Car Registration Fee
Payable with annual dues.  This fee is for Club car registration and must be paid by each Club member registering a car. 

All registered cars must have been inspected and competed or attempted to compete in at least three (3) point races during the registration year in order to retain its registered Club number for the following year.

Pit Spots
Pit spots will be taken starting January 1st. A car owner/driver may prepay the yearly pit space fee in order to 
maintain the same pit space from year to year.  The assigned car must have been signed in to at least 50% 
of the scheduled previous year's races.  Questions or availability contact Barbara Sparks
Push Vehicle Fee
Anyone with a push vehicle i.e. 4 wheeler, golf cart at the Speedway must pay a fee of $25.00 yearly.  A sticker will be placed on the push vehicle
as proof of being registered.  See Sandy at sign-in booth or any Safety inspector at the track to fill the form out and receive the sticker.
Must be at least 16 years old to drive them in the pits. Form can be download to bring to the track here

Rained Out

As of 1/7/20 Rained Out will charge for text messages sent. The Recipient may choose unlimited messaging via text or email. Receiving unlimited texts from unlimited RainedOut accounts costs $7.30 per year. There is no cost to the sender in this plan. Email is FREE to send and receive, Please go to Rained Out to choose  how you want to be notified.

Otherwise still check our Website, Facebook or  the track phone hotline for changes on race day!!  

This website and Airport Speedway Facebook page are the only official sites to be used for information purposes.  Please also be aware that there are other Facebook groups/sites are using our name in any combination is unauthorized, because of this we take no responsibility nor are we associated with these unauthorized sites.  If you are identified making written comments detrimental to the Club or track on the internet, i.e. Social Media, you will be subject to disciplinary action.

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Physical Address:

2412 Speedway Drive

New Castle, DE 19720

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 10246

Wilmington, DE 19850

Track Hotline: 


Family Fun Atmosphere

No Alcoholic Beverages Permitted

No Pets Permitted

Grandstand Admission
General - $8
Seniors - $6
Children 6-12 yrs - $3
Pit Admission Members
Car Entry - $30
Admission - $15
Pit Admission Non Member
Car Entry - $35
Admission $25

Rentals per Night

Transponders - $20

Raceiver - - $10

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1099 Visiting Car Owner Form

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Presidents Duties

BMMRC Officers

Andrew Capparell - President

Phillip Weir - Vice President

Barbara Sparks - Secretary

Sandy Stumpf-Rineer - Treasurer

Board of Directors

Matt Andrews

Andrew Capparell

Michael Mulherin

Joe Smith

Jeff Tank

Lester Tyler

Dana Watkins



Track Photographer

Jester Racing Photography

580 Grandview Drive, Suite A Lewisberry, PA 17339 (717) 938-8732