WELCOME TO MICRO SPRINT RACING IN NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE - FEATURING 125cc Junior, 250 Sportsman, 270 Open, 600cc Wingless,    



Airport Speedway September 24,2022 Members Memorial-Pumpkin Race Results
250cc Sportsman Feature Finish
1. Chris Locuson, 2. Ava Bellinger, 3. Matt Andrews, 4. Dylan Pennypacker, 5. Daniel Visalli, 6. Ron Ford, 7. Brian Matheus,
8. Steven Miller, 9. Alan Durham, 10. Teddy Beradicelli, 11. James Miller, DNS Brittni Hopkins
600cc Wingless Feature Finish
1. Cameron Bellinger, 2. Tyler Tank, 3. Angelo Kouroupis, 4. Devon Dvorak, 5. Robert Miles, 6. Rick Deck, 7. Alex Funari,
8. Kyle Melvin, 9. Eddie Mort, 10. John Jenkins, 11. Amanda Onimus, 12. Dominic Foster, 13. Donald Bouchelle, 14. Tyler Pagel,
15. Matthew Pfahler, 16. Geordan Marrero, 17. Daniel Visalli
270 Open Feature Finish
1. Tyler Grau, 2. Jaxon Purse, 3. Princess Paige Hornberger, 4. Blake Esham, 5. Andrew Locuson, 6. Charles Chance Jr, 
7. Braeden Locascio, 8. Charlie Chance III, 9. Danny Wright, 10. Matt Andrews, DNS Hadyn Mulherin
125cc Junior Feature Finish
1. Dominic Foster, 2. Quinn Llewellyn, 3. Haelee Nardelli, 4. Jeremy Burger, 5. Ian John, 6. Chase Bouchelle, 7. Hunter Nardelli, 
8. Ella Rae Nardelli, 9. Carter Boyce, 10. Josh Anderson, DNS Austin Miller
October 12, 2022 BMMRC Club Meeting and Elections
Section 6. Voting. Ballots will be distributed at the October general membership meeting to each individual 
upon verification of currently active membership. Offices may be voted on separately or combined. 
Where an individual has been nominated for 2 or more offices the highest ranking office will be voted on and counted first.
The candidate nominated for multiple offices will then have his/her name removed from or left on the ballot for the next position 
based on the count of the previous vote. The Nominating Committee will count the votes in the presence of the general membership. 
In the event that an office or offices must be voted on separately, the order shall be: President, Vice-President and any other elected office
and then the Board of Directors.
Section 7. Absentee ballots will be accepted from those who have stated a reasonable request for one, in writing, from the Club Secretary 
prior to the election meeting. Reasonable request may include serious illness, work schedule, death in family, travel schedule, etc. 
No absentee ballots may be requested by/for anyone at the October meeting.

Nominees are:


Ron Ford

Phil Weir

Vice President: 

Andrew Capparell

Board of Directors: (Vote for 3)

Donald Bouchelle

Ron Ford

Jeff Tank

Daniel Visalli

Fri 4 TBA
Sat 5 Open Show - 600cc Wingless 100 Laps Battle at the Bullring
Sun 6 Rain Date

2022 BMMRC Procedures  

wpe1.jpg (34577 bytes)

Membership Process
Just click on the MEMBERSHIP button at the left and follow instruction to fill in online and print it our. You will, however, still need to sign the form .
If you are under the age of 18, you must send in a copy of your birth certificate of drivers license as proof of age.  This is a BMMRC 
requirement per the BMMRC By-Laws Racing Rules and Regulations.
Reminder to Individual Lifetime Members: If you are planning on being a driver, you must pay the driver upgrade fee of $10.00
Car Registration Fee
Payable with annual dues.  This fee is for Club car registration and must be paid by each Club member registering a car. 

All registered cars must have been inspected and competed or attempted to compete in at least three (3) point races during the registration year in order to retain its registered Club number for the following year.

Pit Spots
Pit spots will be taken starting January 1st. A car owner/driver may prepay the yearly pit space fee in order to 
maintain the same pit space from year to year.  The assigned car must have been signed in to at least 50% 
of the scheduled previous year's races.  Questions or availability contact Barbara Sparks

This website and Airport Speedway Facebook page are the only official sites to be used for information purposes.  Please also be aware that there are other Facebook groups/sites are using our name in any combination is unauthorized, because of this we take no responsibility nor are we associated with these unauthorized sites.  If you are identified making written comments detrimental to the Club or track on the internet, i.e. Social Media, you will be subject to disciplinary action.

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Physical Address:

2412 Speedway Drive

New Castle, DE 19720

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 10246

Wilmington, DE 19850

Track Hotline: 


Family Fun Atmosphere

No Alcoholic Beverages Permitted

No Pets Permitted

Grandstand Admission
General - $8
Military/Seniors - $6
Children 6-12 yrs - $3
Pit Admission Members
Car Entry - $25
Admission - $20
Pit Admission Non Member
Car Entry - $30
Admission $30

Rentals per Night

Transponders - $20

Raceiver - - $10

Quick Links:

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Feature Pay Schedule


Rule Change Proposal PDF

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Speedway Directions Mapquest

1099 Visiting Car Owner Form

1099 Visiting Driver Form  

Presidents Duties

BMMRC Officers

Phillip Weir - President

Andrew Capparell - Vice President

Barbara Sparks - Secretary

Board of Directors

Angelo Mercado

Michael Mulherin

Matt Pfahler

Joe Smith

Jeff Tank

Lester Tyler

Phil Weir




580 Grandview Drive, Suite A Lewisberry, PA 17339 (717) 938-8732