WELCOME TO MICRO SPRINT RACING IN NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE - FEATURING 125cc Junior, 250 Sportsman, 270 Open, 600cc Wingless, Gates Open @ 3pm     

Saturday June 6, 2020 Open Practice
Our Situation has changed due to the changes made 5/29/20 by our State, we can now have our normal open practice!!
Time slots are no longer necessary to use.
Time Schedule:
9am - Gates Open
10am - Rookie School Starts
10:45am - 12:45pm - Rookie ONLY track practice
1pm - 6pm - Open Practice for everyone (Later if needed)
Fees: $25 per car & driver
         $10 per crew* 
We will only except exact change !!!!!
Please make sure you bring your transponders all charged up, we will be testing the scoring system!!
Social distancing will be in effect and we ask everyone to wear a mask.
Please if you don't feel well, STAY HOME!! Temperatures will be taken before entering the pits.
All cars must pass safety inspections before entering the track racing surface. 
With the limitations by the State of a gathering, we must limit people in our pits to under 250.
*If everyone brings 1 car, 1 driver - 2 crew members will be allowed per car, 2 cars, - 4 crew members will be allowed and so forth.
Reminder - NO Spectators will be permitted entry according to the Delaware Guidelines we have been issued.

The form below is needed to be signed before entry to the Speedway!!!
Please bring your own ink pen for your own use!!! 
 wpe2.gif (25617 bytes) wpeB.gif (27138 bytes)

Due to  the recent travel restrictions placed on New Jersey residents to Delaware:
I will not be able to check the Club P.O. Box for any memberships that will be mailed until further notice please send all 
memberships to me to process:
Barbara Sparks
65 Clancy Rd.
Salem, NJ 08079
Membership Process
The penalty fees have been waived, plus your car numbers and pit spots have been kept in place until further notice.
Memberships are being taken now if you haven't done so previously.  Just click on the MEMBERSHIP button
at the left and follow instruction to fill in online and print it our. You will, however, still need to sign the form .
If you are under the age of 18, you must send in a copy of your birth certificate of drivers license as proof of age.  This is a BMMRC 
requirement per the BMMRC By-Laws Racing Rules and Regulations.
Reminder to Individual Lifetime Members: If you are planning on being a driver, you must pay the driver upgrade fee of $10.00
Car Registration Fee
Payable with annual dues.  This fee is for Club car registration and must be paid by each Club member registering a car. 

All registered cars must have been inspected and competed or attempted to compete in at least three (3) point races during the registration year in order to retain its registered Club number for the following year.

Work Detail Fee
Drivers, or an alternate, must perform work of at least ten (10) cumulative hours prior to the first scheduled season Point Race
in order to be eligible for any awarded points. Work detail credit goes to the driver. The driver has the option of performing
the work or paying a fee of $200 in lieu of work prior to the first scheduled season Point Race.
If you have not completed your work detail hours, and want to run for points, you must have the $200.00 fee paid prior to the first green flag
drops on race day to insure your points!
Pit Spots
Pit spots will be taken starting January 1st. A car owner/driver may prepay the yearly pit space fee in order to 
maintain the same pit space from year to year.  The assigned car must have been signed in to at least 50% 
of the scheduled previous year's races.  Questions or availability contact Barbara Sparks
Push Vehicle Fee
Anyone with a push vehicle i.e. 4 wheeler, golf cart at the Speedway must pay a fee of $25.00 yearly.  A sticker will be placed on the push vehicle
as proof of being registered.  See Sandy at sign-in booth or any Safety inspector at the track to fill the form out and receive the sticker.
Must be at least 16 years old to drive them in the pits.

Rained Out

As of 1/7/20 Rained Out will charge for text messages sent. The Recipient may choose unlimited messaging via text or email. Receiving unlimited texts from unlimited RainedOut accounts costs $7.30 per year. There is no cost to the sender in this plan. Email is FREE to send and receive, Please go to Rained Out to choose  how you want to be notified.

Otherwise still check our Website, Facebook or  the track phone hotline for changes on race day!!  

2020 Rule Change Highlights

Article III Section 2 Page 2

Individual Member. This membership category is for all active Club members and

Officials (flaggers, race director, scorers) other than drivers. All Individual ("I") Members has voting privileges.

Section Four Item 1h Page 12

All Feature events will be lined up  after the winner of the last heat event pulls pill for feature starting line-up, (pills 0,4,6,8) from Heat Race finishes

Section Four Item 2a Page 13

Scoring will be performed by a Chief Scorer and one (1) Assistant Scorer unless the Chief Scorer requires a different number of assistants during special events or computer issues to obtain accurate scoring.

Section Five item 15 Page 17

Delete Wording:

The Green Flag and Green Light will be shown when the pole car of the field accelerates between the orange cones mid-way between turn 3 and the exit of turn 4

When the Green Flag/Lights are displayed, cars may start racing regardless of their position in the line- up.

Section Eight Item 4 Page 23 

Safety belts, lap, shoulder, and anti-submarine belts must be in good condition, with readable date, not older than 2 years, and securely attached to the vehicle.

Section Eleven Item 1a Page 30

The following are the approved engines; 1992 to 2007 Honda CR 250cc, 1999 to current year Yamaha YZ 250cc

This website and Airport Speedway Facebook page are the only official sites to be used for information purposes.  Please also be aware that there are other Facebook groups/sites are using our name in any combination is unauthorized, because of this we take no responsibility nor are we associated with these unauthorized sites.  If you are identified making written comments detrimental to the Club or track on the internet, i.e. Social Media, you will be subject to disciplinary action.

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Physical Address:

2412 Speedway Drive

New Castle, DE 19720

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 10246

Wilmington, DE 19850

Track Hotline: 


Family Fun Atmosphere

No Alcoholic Beverages Permitted

No Pets Permitted

Race Night Fees


Adults - $8

Seniors - $6

Military w/ID - $6 

Children 6-12 yrs - $3

Car & Driver Entry

Member - $45

Visitor - $55

Pit Entry

Member - $15

Visitor - $20

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