WELCOME TO MICRO SPRINT RACING IN NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE - FEATURING 125cc Junior, 250 Sportsman, 270 Open, 600cc Wingless, Gates Open @ 3pm     

This website and Airport Speedway Facebook page are the only official sites to be used for information purposes.  Please also be aware that there are other Facebook groups/sites are using our name in any combination is unauthorized, because of this we take no responsibility nor are we associated with these unauthorized sites.  If you are identified making written comments detrimental to the Club or track on the internet, i.e. Social Media, you will be subject to disciplinary action.

August 12, 2017 Point Race 9 Results

Jr. 125cc Feature Finish

1. Devin Porch, 2. Sarah Napora, 3. Aidan Svanda, 4. Jonathan Dougherty.

DQ – Oliva Haworth

250cc Sportsman Feature Finish

1. Andrew Locuson, 2. Tyler Reinhardt, 3. Ryan Heim, 4. Sami Schenck,

5. Buddy Schweibinz, 6. Tyler Tank, 7. Johnny Trendler, 8. Jayson Conover,

9. Mike Lucas, 10. Ron Ford, 11. Matthew Pfahler, 12. Trey Jeffords,

13. Connor Bollinger, 14. Matthew Andrews, 15. Ed Mort, 16. Jacob Byron

600cc Wingless Feature Finish

1. Josh Martin, 2. Richie Mellor, 3. Gary Bozowski, 4. Stewart Carmichael,

5. Wayne Scott, 6. Tyler Tank, 7. Christopher Fenimore, 8. Lavar Scott,

9. Dustin Stoltzfus, 10. Mark Landwher, 11. Jake Frye, 12. Rebecca LaMothe,

13. Mike Winkler, 14. Amanda Onimus.  DNS – Sam Locuson, Kyle Melvin

270cc Open Feature Finish

1. Chris Locuson, 2. Anthony Chvostal, 3. Tyler Reinhardt, 4. TJ Greve,

5. Sami Schenck, 6. Brandon Shipley, 7. Decker Morrow, 8. James Cubbage,

9. Matthew Kreider, 10. Robert Miles, 11. Donald Bouchelle, 12. George Summers,

13. Kristen Landwher, 14. Thomas Gaylor, 15. Ryan Heim, 16. Ron Ford.

DNS – Richie Keller, Mark Landwher

Upcoming Events 


19 Point Race - Be Creative!!  Come and make a sand art project with us between 5-7pm.  We will have tables set up at the Candy Booth!  

Kids Bike Race- has been rescheduled 8/19


Enter for your chance to win at the front gate! 

FOR DRIVERS/CREWS: Please bring a pack back and/or school supplies to support BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT at track this Saturday.  Items can be dropped of at the front gate. THANK YOU FOR DONATIONS!!!

26 Point Race - Fan Appreciation Night - The drivers and their teams want to celebrate their fans!!! The Racers Auxiliary will coordinate with all drivers and their families who would like to participate and show their appreciation for the fans. Please contact us or stop by the Candy Booth for more information.

Rule Change Proposals

Section 2. Proposals for rule changes for the following year must be submitted to any Board member or Club Officer by the first club meeting in September. Rule changes will be decided by the incoming Board of Directors, elected for the following year, prior to the December general membership meeting and announced at the December Club meeting.

The proposal forms are available on line to fill in and print or in the Speedway Pit Shack.


Section 1. A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Club President on or before August 31. The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) persons, one of which shall be selected to act as chairperson thereof. Prior to or at the September general membership meeting, the Nominating Committee shall inform the Secretary of their nominations for all elective offices. The following offices are elective: President, Vice-President, Board of Directors and any other position as the Board of Directors deem to be elective. The position of Secretary,Treasurer will be an appointed position.

Section 2. Any nominee for any Club Office or Official Club position or appointment must be a paid up (by April 15th) Individual, Driver or Lifetime member in good standing prior to being nominated. Nominees for all elective offices must have been active Club members for at least two (2) consecutive years immediately prior to being nominated. The nominee must be at least 18 years of age.  

Note: A Board member is expected to have a genuine interest in all Club activities and should endeavor to attend regularly scheduled racing events and all Board of Directors meetings. 

Attention: We need 3 volunteers for the Nominating Committee, if interested contact Tom Landwher

2017 Racer's Auxiliary
Facebook:        The Auxiliary at Airport Speedway   @airportaux

Our objective is to help you, our drivers, have a great season on and off the track!  We have many events set up to occur throughout the season to help our fans better interact with the drivers and vice versa.  We are asking for help in any way you can give.  It may be donated gifts that we can hand out to fans.  Maybe someone on your race team can help us with some events.  Have an idea/ideas for more fun activities?  We’d love to know.  Maybe even a monetary donation.  The more we profit, the more the drivers profit!  Our goal is to raise money to increase your points fund as well as help Airport Speedway itself.  We are helping you so please help us help you!  Below you will find a list of race dates and the activities that are scheduled for that night.  A few dates are "up for grabs" if anyone has ideas or wishes for their team to host anything.  We also have a few "surprises" in store for the drivers!  Remember, this is for you! To download your Racers Auxiliary Event Schedule follow the hyperlink to the right.

Membership Application Form

Memberships will be taken starting January 1st. Just click on the MEMBERSHIP button at the left and 
follow instructions. You will be able to fill out the form on your computer and print it out.
You will, however, still need to sign the form and send it to the Club P.O. Box along
with your check. 

Any membership renewal or fee not paid by April 15th will be charged an additional $5.00 late fee.

If you are under the age of 18, you must send in a copy of your birth certificate or 
driver's license as proof of age. This is a BMMRC requirement per the BMMRC By-Laws Racing Rules and Regulations.
Car Registration Fee
Payable with annual dues.  This fee is for Club car registration and must be paid by each Club member registering a car. 

All registered cars must have been inspected and competed or attempted to compete in at least three (3) point races during the registration year in order to retain its registered Club number for the following year.

All car number re-registrations must be completed before April 1st to assure retention of a previously registered 
car number.  
Pit Spots
Pit spots will be taken starting January 1st. A car owner/driver may prepay the yearly pit space fee in order to 
maintain the same pit space from year to year.  The assigned car must have been signed in to at least 50% 
of the scheduled previous year's races and have fee paid prior to April 1st. 

450 4-stroke

3/1 - A decision has been made to allow the 450cc to compete in the 270 Open class this year.

The 450cc addition to the 270 Open Class is on a trial period for this year. Drivers may join the club but are ineligible to run for points.

450cc 4 - stroke stock bore & stroke, stock cams, stock valves, no porting or polishing, stock RPM. 450cc 4 - stroke engines may use fuel injection with OEM throttle body modified for use with alcohol.  

Sponsorship/Advertising Opportunities

We are actively seeking Sponsors for our 2017 Race Season.

Highlights about Airport Speedway:

Airport Speedway has been offering some of the best racing entertainment for over 50 years.

The track is very fan friendly and offers affordable entry fees and children under six are free. 

The Airport Speedway is a 1/8-clay oval racetrack, and is always in good race condition.

This is always an exciting night to treat family, friends, and business associates to a great night out.

We have a great concession stand located right by the grandstands for our fans

Be part of one of this country’s fastest growing spectator sports. 

Thank you for your time and for considering Airport Speedway for sponsorship.  We at Airport Speedway look forward to having you join our Race Family in 2017.

To become an Airport Speedway Sponsor, please feel free to download the Sponsor Form here

2017 Rule Changes

Article VI, Section 1, Page 6

Change wording to:

The following offices are elective: President, Vice-President, Board of Directors and any other position as the Board of Directors deem to be elective. The position of Secretary, Treasurer will be an appointed position.

Section Four, Item 1a), Page 12

Change wording to:

Participants will draw for positions. Deadline for drawing will be one (1) hour before the scheduled start of the Heat Races.  Late cars for Point Races will be placed in Heats as though they drew last position according to sign-ins.  Drivers will be listed in ascending order according to number drawn on draw list.

Section Four, Rule h), Page 12

Change wording to:

All Feature events will be lined up "Heads-up" from Heat Race finishes followed by "B" Main/Consi finishers. Cars that do not finish; those that are disqualified (either a race DQ or weight DQ) or those that do not start a Heat Race will qualify behind all cars finishing Heat Races.

Section Five, Rule 11, Page 16

Change wording to:

No mirrors permitted on or in any race car. Radio communication equipment permitted on or in any race car that will only be used between the driver and Scorer.

Section Eight, Item 27, Page 26

Add wording:

600cc wingless micro sprints must have their number on right side of car in upper left sail panel; the Minimum number height is six (6) inches.

Section Eleven, Item 4c, Page 30

Change wording to:

Stock OEM or OEM equivalent Crank and Rod, no modifications, aftermarket OEM replacement rods may be used (ex. Wiseco, Vesrah, Hot Rods, Pro-X etc.) Aftermarket OEM replacements cranks are legal pending approval by technical committee.

Section Eleven, Item 4e, Page 30

Change wording to:

One Stock Honda or aftermarket OEM equivalent head gasket must be used.

600cc Micro Sprint Universal Engine Rules

Section Twelve, Item 13, Page 32

Add wording:

b) Fuel tanks must contain a fuel bladder.  


If you are a visiting driver planning on racing at Airport Speedway this season, you must fill out the form for the 1099-Misc.  These are for cars not registered with B.M.M.R.C. All Drivers use the Visiting Driver form, Drivers that have a ride with a Car Owner use 1099 Car Owner form ALSO. Please complete the on-line form and print it out, then take the form to the Sign-in booth the first time you plan on racing.  

If you are under the age of 18, you must bring a copy of your birth certification or drivers license as proof of age.  This is a BMMRC requirement per the BMMRC By-Laws Racing Rules and Regulations.

Drivers - Please remember to bring your charged Transponders & Raceivers (channel 898)

Rained Out

Airport Speedway uses RainedOut and delivers alerts when needed directly to your mobile phone as SMS text messages or email.  If you would like to be notified by SMS or email on events or cancellations, click Rained Out and follow the instructions to sign up.

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Physical Address:

2412 Speedway Drive

New Castle, DE 19720

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 10246

Wilmington, DE 19850

Track Hotline: 


Family Fun Atmosphere

No Alcoholic Beverages Permitted

No Pets Permitted


Adults - $8

Seniors - $6

Active Military w/ID - $6 

Children 6-12 yrs - $3

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Rule Change Proposal Form

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1099 Visiting Car Owner Form

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Presidents Duties

Racer's Auxiliary Events 

BMMRC Officers

Tom Landwher - President

Lee Reinhardt - Vice President

Debbie Locuson - Club Secretary

Barbara Sparks - BOD Secretary

Sandy Stumpf-Rineer - Treasurer

Board of Directors

Rick Heim

Tom Landwher

Mark Landwher

Andrew Locuson

Chris Locuson

Sam Locuson III

Patrick Milligan



Track Photographer

580 Grandview Drive, Suite A Lewisberry, PA 17339 (717) 938-8732