To renew your present membership or to become a BMMRC member for the first time, 
you must complete and mail in a Membership Application Form. Just click here, fill out 
the form on line, print it out (with button at the bottom) and mail it in. Do not use print preview to print, it will copy as 2 pages.  Please scroll down and use the print button at the bottom of page.
Remember if you have 2 (two) or more cars, you must fill out separate applications for each car.

Remember to click with the mouse in the box, type info, tab to next section,
and please fill in all the spaces. If you have an e-mail address,
please include that also. Mail the form (s), together with a check for the appropriate fees
(listed below) to:

Barbara Sparks
65 Clancy Rd
Salem, NJ 08079


Car Owner ONLY (IF NOT DRIVER) with One Car Registration - $60.00
Each Additional Car Registration - $10.00
Pit Crew and/or family members ONLY - $50.00
Car Owner/Driver with One Car Registration - $70.00
Driver ONLY - $60.00
Work Detail Fee - $100.00

If you are registering more than one person and/or more than one car,
please complete a separate form for each person and/or car
and include the correct fees. Make checks payable to BMMRC....... 
do not enclose cash.

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